Friday, December 27, 2013

Boxing Day in Occoquan

We had a lovely two days relaxing and hanging around the house, but we were ready to get our yesterday!  Josh and I have heard great things about Occoquan, a cute little town between here and Springfield, but we have never been there!  We decided to go wander around and find somewhere for lunch.  
Cute boys!  They actually end up coordinating, clothes-wise, most days even though I don't plan it!
And, Bampa and Graham matched!
A little rock walking
I hate that this picture is not in focus :(  But, I wanted to include it anyways!
Our tourists :)

We found a cute store to browse and buy some ornaments for next Christmas!  We also all enjoyed browsing a fun puzzle store--they had some really fun stuff!  We ate lunch at the Virginia Grille, which was yummy!

Josh ended up not feeling great, so he stayed home with the boys while Mom and Dad and I tried out a restaurant down the street, Tizianos.  It was yummy, but I don't think we'll be going back.  Josh and I really like to give business to the small, local businesses, but we were disappointed when we tried the restaurant next door right after moving here.  Tizianos just doesn't look very appealing from the outside.  But, I looked up the reviews, and most of them said the outside was deceiving, and to not be fooled!  The food WAS good, and the inside was much prettier than the outside, but it still was a little odd...  

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