Monday, July 1, 2013

Turtle Lane and Beach

Here are three little boys enthralled by the alligators and turtles at Turtle Lane!  This was an awesome little spot that the Bashores recommended we check out.  There were two alligators in the pond, and TONS of turtles!  They all seemed so HAPPY together!
He swam so smoothly through the water
Friends!  LOL
The second gator is in the top shadow of this picture, but I really like the shadow of all of us standing on the bridge watching!
This was our last day at the beach, and it was a phenomenal day!  The weather was perfect, the tide had already gone all the way out, so there was TONS of packed sand to play on as well as little pools created from the tide.  The boys had a blast in this one little pool near our stuff.
Beach happiness!
Jackson carved a trail all the way to the water
Enjoying their little pool
Jackson & Graham

After the beach, we all headed home for lunch, and then Jolene and I went to get pedicures and do a little shopping :)  We totally missed a photo op, but our toes were sure happy!  We had to wait out a storm before we left for dinner at The Sea Shack.  We didn't have to wait nearly as long this time, which was a plus!  Great dinner to have for our last night in Hilton Head.  After dinner we drove to South Beach and wandered around the Salty Dog area.  We walked out on the pier, heard a little music, browsed the t-shirt store, visited some parrots, and got our picture taken to post on the geocaching website!  
There is a certain spot on which to stand.  A camera is installed and programmed to take one picture a minute.  You can check the camera online later, find your picture, and then post it on the geocache website.  FUN!  

After we tucked the boys in bed, Josh and I went back downstairs to Harbour Town and got some ice cream, sat in the red rockers, and walked around the golf course again.  A wonderful end to a fantastic vacation!  

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