Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Adventures at the Mall and Playground

On Monday, we ventured to the mall.  We were on a mission for matching outfits for yesterday's photo shoot, some recreational shopping, and some playtime at the play area.  The kids did really well!  We put together a cute selection of shirts for them to wear, and we just enjoyed walking around :)  Brandi got these adorable pictures of Graham playing with his new basketball hoop!
 He loves the idea of putting the ball in the hoop!
 So many things I like about this picture: the angle, the chunky ankles, the basketball reflection on the floor and Graham's shadow on the door :)
 Slam dunk!
 Yesterday we started our day off at Fantasy Playground in Lake Ridge.  The kids did pretty well going where we wanted them and posing :)  I love the assortment of faces in this shot!
Such good friends :)
These two...
Close-up of their sweet faces
LOVE this one!  They totally posed themselves :)
So sweet...
...and then there was this!  LOL 
I love all of the photos Brandi took, but I especially loves this little series of my boys and me :) 
 Brotherly love for sure!
 Big tire, little baby 
I am so glad Graham sat up there so well!  This was an adorable shot!
They are actually lined up in age order!  
Graham--13 1/2 months
Liam--2 1/2 years
Kaitlyn--4 years
Jackson--4 1/2 years
 Brandi told the kids that she would take pictures of them doing their favorite things after we did our posed shots.  First, Jackson chose the rings...
...and then the firepole!
 We must have this kid trained--he finished sliding down the pole, and then he just paused like this so Brandi could get the shot :)
KK's turn on the rings
I love this shot of Liam!
These wooden stairs just screamed for this kind of pose :)
So excited it worked out to have these three all to ourselves for almost a whole week!!!
You can't quite tell, but Brandi and I managed to match the kids too :)  This photo is actually two put together!  We tried having a stranger take our picture while we all sat on a bench, but even though Brandi had the camera all set up, and all the lady had to do was push a button, our heads got cut off :(  So, Brandi stood below this bridge and took a picture of Jackson, Graham and me.  She made marks in the gravel where she stood so I could line up in the same place.  She also told me where she focused the camera.  I counted how many planks over I was standing, so she could stand next to where we had been.  We switched, I took a pic of her, Liam and KK, and then she put them together--it looks awesome! She has some serious talent :)  I'm happy to lend her my kids as test subjects any time!
 After lunch and naps, we drove over to Quantico to reminisce :)  We drove by the Buerstatte's old house, we did the loop that we walked countless times, and then we visited one of our favorite parks where we would play with the Buerstattes on any number of mornings/afternoons :)  The kids loved playing!
 Beautiful smile on a beautiful girl! 
 Climbing monkey 
After the playground, we headed home for some quick baths before going to pick up Josh at the Park and Ride.  Then we all headed to Qdoba for our last dinner together :(
Graham had quite the companions at every meal :)

The Buerstattes left early this morning, and it was so sad to watch our playmates go :(  Josh has been working a crazy ton, and it was the perfect time to have some live-in friends!  Just makes us even more excited for when they make their big move back to the Chicago-area!!!

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