Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fun in Tennessee!

After our fun time at the playground in Asheville, we ended up driving all the way to Johnson City, TN before stopping for lunch (a certain guy had fallen asleep, so we figured we'd capitalize on that and just start off on our next leg of the trip).  We found a Chick-fil-a conveniently located near a Walmart, so I was able to take Graham and stock up on a few things while Jackson kept playing after lunch.  We were SO excited to see Grant and Colby's smiling faces when we got to their house!!!  The boys ALL immediately started playing, and then we had a delicious dinner of lasagna :)

We started yesterday morning off at the Hands-On Museum.  We went last year with Becca and the boys, and we loved it!  We were happy to go again :)  This time there was an exhibit all about things the body does!

The biggest boys trying on the crazy goggles!
Colby having a turn to hang on the bar...

...and Jackson...

...and Grant!
Graham doing a little clown dress-up :)

I always love the grocery store pretend play area, but check out Graham with his tiny shopping cart!!!
Then he helped me ring up Jackson's groceries :)
3, 2, 1 BLAST OFF!
After the museum, we came home for some lunch, Josh went golfing, the little boys had a nap, and Becca and I took Jackson and Grant swimming!  I wish I had pictures of that--we had a blast!  Jackson's comfort in the water has grown significantly this summer, and he even spent a lot of time without his floaties on this afternoon!  He was jumping in, kicking his legs, playing on the rafts, and just enjoying this fun time with his buddy :)  Becca made yet another delicious dinner for us all to enjoy!
Post-pool ready to enjoy our grilled corn on the cob and kabobs!  Everything was DELICIOUS :)

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