Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Few Days at Home...

We got home on Friday night, and the boys and I were home to sleep in our own beds for six night before flying to Evanston for a week!  Graham's and my first stop was brunch with Auntie Em!  We had a great time catching up--we hadn't gotten together in forever, and she is moving all the way to California in a month!!!  :(  
When we got home, we found Daddy and Jackson playing the house!  Josh brilliantly set up little cups all over the main level, and laying on their sides, they were the holes!  Jackson was loving it--what a smart guy :)
Concentrating on his putt
On Sunday, we went for a family hike on a trail we hadn't done yet.  It was super fun for Jackson since it included all of those fitness stops.  Every little ways, there was something for him to climb, hang from, jump on, jump off of, etc.  Excellent :)
Our quick respite at home also included lunch at Chick-fil-a with Susie, Rachel and Ben, some unpacking and repacking, and preparation for house guests as we returned from Illinois!

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