Thursday, July 25, 2013

My New Snack Tote!

Now that Graham is more of his own little person, he requires his own set of drinks and snacks while we are out and about.  I was finding myself leaving all sorts of paraphernalia in the car because I didn't have enough hands to carry all of the water bottles, cups, snack cups, baggies, etc in the house, and I rarely remembered to go BACK out to the car to get them.  I was in Trader Joe's while we were visiting my mom and dad, and I saw the reusable bags labeled as wine bags hanging by the register.  It occurred to me that those compartments would be PERFECT for water bottles and cups!  I added one to my order, and I have been using it ever since!

The above picture is actually showing it all filled up, and it is holding drinks for four kids and one adult and snack cups for all of the kids!  The Snack Traps stack wonderfully on top of one another!  This has been life-changing in terms of keeping track of all of our snacky stuff.  Plus, Jackson knows exactly where his drink and snack are and can help himself and put away.  

I showed Josh, and he (rightfully so) asked, "Pinterest?"  I said, "NO!  I came up with this myself!"  He said I should pin it.  So I did :)

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