Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fun with Puppets, Nan and Friends

 Jackson has fallen in love with this crocodile puppet!  It's from Barnes and Noble, and EVERY time we go to the store, he goes to get the puppet, so he can play with it the whole time we are there.  Mimi surprised Jackson by giving it to him to keep!  Graham couldn't be left out, and she gave him the most adorable hedgehog puppet!  It even turns inside out so just his quills show!
 Checking out how the hedgehog does his trick
 Showing them off to Nan
 Snuggles for Nan :)
 Graham LOVED the wheels on Nan's wheelchair!
 Making pancakes with Bampa, of course :)
 On Tuesday, we drove ALL the way out to where Josh and I used to live--Huntley/Crystal Lake/Algonquin to meet the Tadelmans.  Since we moved they have added a Sonic!  We happily partook in Happy Hour and had cherry limeades :)
 We met at this really cool park!  It's our third playground that has been constructed so people of all abilities can play :)  There were areas at this one that produced sound!  Jackson LOVED bouncing around to all the spots and hearing the noises!  There was an area that made firetrucks sounds too.
 Brothers on the seesaw
 Ryleigh serving Graham a snack
 And, then Brooklyn serving him a snack :)
 Ryleigh and Jackson had a blast!  She was a good sport and went along with pretty much whatever game he wanted to pretend play!
 These two were a riot!  Brooklyn was obsessed with Graham's paci, which didn't seem to bother Graham too much.  It was really funny to watch!
 Our best shot of all four together--it was a bajillion and twelve degrees AND bedtime--in their defense ;)
Today we got to visit with these sweet friends!!!  We drove to Naperville to see Kim and Mia AND their NEW HOUSE!!!  Kim and David just closed on their first home, and we got to take a tour--it's perfect!  They are doing fun stuff now like painting, cleaning and window treatments and hope to get all moved in really soon!  Mia was adorable and so sweet!  They boys both loved checking out the baby GIRL :)  We had a yummy lunch and delicious frozen yogurt to round out the afternoon :)

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