Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fort Fun, Dress-Up, Flag Shirts, and Date Night!!!

I can't get enough of all these boys playing!  Grant and Colby were especially sweet with Graham :)  Good practice for when their newest brother arrives in September... :)
Check out this great fort Becca helped the boys construct!  They were excited to crawl in and out and to take flashlight in so they could see!
They really ALL were having fun :)
Yoda grew some extra furry paws!!!
Iron-Super-Man :)  While all of this craziness was going on, Becca and I escaped to Walmart and to pick up lunch at Sonic!  An excellent rainy day lunch :)
In the afternoon, we made these adorable flag shirts for the Fourth!  This is Graham's little hand on his shirt!!!
Becca helping Jackson get his handprint ready to go!
All stamped!
Jackson working hard on his stripes!  Plus, this picture captures the adorable sign Becca wrote out for us on the chalkboard :)
Becca took care of securing babysitters, so we could all head out on a date!!!  We went to The Battery, and the food was delicious!  Then we hit up Marble Slab for some dessert before picking up a couple of movies.  It was SO nice to get to spend some grown-up time catching up with these friends :)  When we got home a good hour AFTER I had asked the sitters to put Jackson to bed, we found him still awake having sweet-talked them into extra stories.  Oh, my...

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