Friday, July 5, 2013

A Fabulous Fourth with Friends :)

This picture was technically taken on the FIFTH of July, BUT I LOVE all of the boys in their t-shirts!!!  The Fantastic Fourth of July High Five T-Shirt Foursome :)
The plan for the 4th was to drive about 20 minutes to George's family's lake house.  We could spend the day hanging out, swimming, relaxing, boating, having a potluck dinner, and then watching fireworks!  Well, the weather didn't quite cooperate, and there was lots of rain in the forecast.  Fireworks got postponed, but we decided to head to the lake anyways.  At the very least we could maybe let the boys fish and we could all have a picnic lunch.  Then, Johnson City was putting on a fireworks show, so we would still get fireworks! 
We were SO pleasantly surprised with the gorgeous morning and afternoon we received!!!  The weather was perfect, the lake wasn't super busy right away since others were probably suspicious of the weather, and we had so much fun!!!  There was a short path leading from the cabin down to the water, and then a floating dock for us to set up chairs and our stuff.  These boys are ready to swim!
Don't be fooled by Graham's big grin!  LOL  He REALLY was not a fan of the lake, but I think he ended up having an okay time...
The dads and big boys got settled in the water first...
I am STILL surprised at myself (but so proud!) that I got IN the lake!  LOL  It hadn't all occurred to me that we wouldn't be able to touch the bottom, etc...  As long as I sang "Row Row Row Your Boat" endlessly to Graham, he tolerated his ride on the raft!
Later we switched and put him in a raft-like thing that was mesh on the bottom, so he sank down a little and was surrounded by water.  More bath-like?  Still, he mostly tolerated it :)
Ready for a boat ride!!!  
These guys all sat up front!  
You can see the dock way in the back as George drove us out into the lake!
It was a BEAUTIFUL drive!  We went quite a ways around the lake, and the sky was a gorgeous color, the houses surrounding the lake were fun to look at, and the weather was just perfect!
Josh, Jackson, Becca, Colby and Grant 
Jackson had a great time on the boat ride!
Josh was in charge of the boat while George swam to the cliffs, hiked up a ways, and then dove into the water!!!  Apparently it's a family tradition with his cousins...
You can barely see George standing on the top of the cliff about halfway through the picture!
We met in our ECE Cohort seven years ago, and we pretty much have our own cohort now :)
Well-behaved boys waiting patiently for lunch!
The Smiths enjoying our picnic lunch!
Back in the water after lunch!
Graham was quite the squishalump in his borrowed Puddle Jumper :)
Grant and George got to go tubing on the back of George's cousin's boat. Josh and Jackson went out with the raft to help them back to the dock.
I so wish Graham was looking at the camera!  These two are so cute in their Puddle Jumpers and little chairs!!!
On the way back to the house, we stopped for shaved ice!  Jackson has Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle flavor mixed with Captain America flavor!  LOL
A little shaved ice picnic :)
All dressed for the evening's festivities!
Tree climbing
Cozy Coupe pushing
Cute photo op minus Colby, but he was still napping, and Graham was about to go to bed!  It's hard to catch little guys all awake together!
Big boy dinner!  Becca and George invited some friends over to join us for dinner.  The boys had a blast!
Silly boys enjoying hot dogs and watermelon :)
Pool time after dinner...until the drizzle and then the rain started :(
Josh and George playing some game in the pool.  I can't remember what it was, but I do know they were the last ones out of the pool in the rain!  LOL
Fun times in the garage while we waited out the rain.  Yummy dessert time!
These boys were some serious lightning bug catchers!  I think there were 20 in that bug catcher!
Little lightening bug
And, then the glow sticks were broken out :)  These made everyone happy!
Becca and George's new house is pretty amazing!  We especially liked being able to have the whole basement to ourselves while we stayed there.  We REALLY liked it because the closet in our bedroom was big enough for Graham's Pack-n-Play, and he was able to sleep without much distraction, and he was able to cry it out without bothering anyone (he has some sleeping issues to work out on our trip).  Somehow, the fireworks booming woke him up, so he was indeed awake to see some of them go off!
Jackson had a great seat!

We had SUCH a fun night!  After all of the kids finally went to bed (fireworks didn't go off until 10, so it was an even later night than we had bargained for!), we stayed up to watch a movie and relax.  Then, we left mid-morning today to head back to Dumfries. It was a fantastic two-weeks away to fun places with good friends!

THANK YOU Langstaffs for a wonderful always :)  We can't wait to visit you again and to have you at our house to show you around DC!!!

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