Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sleepover in Asheville

From Hilton Head we headed to the Langstaffs in Tennessee, but we made a stop in Asheville, NC.  We had a good driving day, and we got to Asheville with enough time to check in to our hotel and for Jackson and Josh to go for a swim.  Graham and I took a walk around the downtown area.  If we didn't have two little guys, I think Josh and I would have loved wandering around to check out the unique shops and restaurants.  We ate delicious BBQ for dinner at Luella's, and then we settled in for the night at the hotel.  Poor Graham has such a rough night :(  I even ended up walking him up and down the hallway in the middle of the night.  We all had an early start to the morning, and we set out for a fun activity.  We found this awesome playground!!!
A happy swinger...at least for the first five minutes.  That's about all he likes swinging...
A young pilot :)
Rock climber
This cute car would be a bit less efficient to travel in than the Prius... ;)
Check out this crazy ramp!!!  We walked up and down it to cross the bridge over the road to the playground.  
On the way to Becca and George's, we stopped at a scenic overlook, and this is one of the pictures Josh took :)  Johnson City or bust... :)

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