Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bubble Gum Cruise and Pool

We were so excited to start Friday morning by going on Gregg Russell's Bubble Gum Cruise!!!  He advertised it at his concert, and he promised dolphin watching, environmental facts, and some singing.  Jackson was pumped, and we thought it would be a great opportunity to at least do some dolphin watching.  It was a BEAUTIFUL morning!  Here is the lighthouse as we sailed away!
This is a (not a very good) picture of some of the dolphins.  We even got to see baby dolphins!!!
These two are quite a pair :)
Graham was not a huge fan of the wind blowing on the top deck :(  Standing lower down made him happier!
A little performance
Photo op of Jackson and Gregg Russell
After the cruise, Josh headed off to golf with Rick and Evan.  Jackson and I stopped to pick up a souvenir--Jackson the Dolphin :)  Then a little movie time with Owen!
Jolene and I headed to the pool with the boys after they all rested.  I love this picture of Jackson all ready for swimming with his goggles, swimmies, and noodle!
A brief moment of happiness for Graham in the floaty!  He much preferred to be held...

After pool time, Jolene and Rick headed off for their date night while Josh and I stayed home with the boys and had Giuseppi's Pizza for dinner.  It was really yummy, and even more so eaten on the balcony :)

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