Friday, June 28, 2013

Beach and Lighthouse Photos

Back to the beach again!  A girl can get used to this routine...  Jackson really seemed to enjoy the beach a ton this trip!  He always would tell us he wanted to go to the pool if given the choice, but he had so much fun at the beach each time.  At one point, he asked if we were going to sit in the chairs and relax.  YES, my adorable son, that is exactly what we do at the beach :)
Serious bucket work in action
Busy brothers
I took Jackson to the pool while Josh stayed with Graham during naptime.  We had a good time swimming with Evan and Owen :)  After dinner, we went down to watch the Greg Russell show again.  But, first, we had some photos with the lighthouse.
Jackson took this one--not too shabby!
Here is Greg Russell performing.  Jackson is wearing a turquoise shirt in the lower right-hand quadrant of this picture.  You can see his back...

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