Friday, June 14, 2013

Virginia Beach 2013

 Jackson had been SUPER excited to head to the beach, but this was Graham's FIRST TRIP to the beach!!!  We were all excited to include him in one of our favorite vacations :)  Jackson was excited to get to our hotel and start the vacation!  Our first stop was the beach store across the street for new sunglasses for Josh--his just snapped in the car on the way down :(  While we were in the store, Jackson discovered the hermit crabs, and he was fascinated by them!  We took a few trips across the street to visit them over the next few days...
 After we succeeded on the sunglasses mission, Josh and Jackson went swimming!  Graham and I took a little walk on the boardwalk--that is my favorite part of Virginia Beach!!!
 Jackson LOVED the pool!  He had a great time jumping in to Josh!  Early bedtime was in order, so for our first dinner we ordered pizza from this pizza place we found and LOVE!  We ate it on the balcony looking at the ocean, and it was a fantastic first night to vacation :)
 The camera ran out of batteries on our second day at the beach, but we spent the morning at the beach and then the afternoon got all rained out :(  We did get to our other favorite restaurant, Beach Bully, for dinner!  On Tuesday we started out at the beach again, and we had such a fun morning!
 Graham loved playing on the beach chairs and with the beach toys!
 Sandy baby toes!
 Twin bathing suits :)
 It took a little convincing, but Jackson finally figured out how much fun digging a huge hole is in the sand!
 "I love the beach!"
 Graham in the hole Daddy dug!
 Helping to dig
 Sandy brothers :)
 Jackson in the hole Daddy dug!
 Mommy and Graham on his first beach trip!
 The trench leading to the huge hole!
 Daddy and GJS
 The boys had a great time burying Josh!
 All buried :)
 After lunch and some quiet time in the hotel room, we walked down to one of the coolest playgrounds!
 Sneak peek of their 4th of July outfits!
LOVE these cute boys!  After playing on the playground, we stopped at Waterman's for dinner.  It was a great summer night--beautiful weather, oceanside, eating on the patio, DELICIOUS food and drinks, and my favorite people :)
 Wednesday was our last full day at the beach.  We started on the beach again--we had a nice routine going :)
 Love this little squirt!
 He was mostly interested in his snacks :)  Jackson discovered how much jumping in the waves is--FINALLY!!!
 Much to Jackson's delight, we rented a family bike to ride up and down the boardwalk!  It was SO fun!  The boys looked adorable in the front seat, and all was going well until we hit a really hard bump, and jostled Graham a bit too much.  He was pretty upset from then on, so I held him WHILE peddling!  Josh did most of the work, bless his heart, but I'm so glad we got to do this together.  
Our cute passengers :)  After our bike ride, we went back to Beach Bully for one more delicious barbecue meal :)

I can't believe we didn't get any pictures with our friends and family we saw on the way to and from the beach :(  On the way down on Sunday, we stopped to see Sam and Patrick in Richmond.  They are due with their first baby in July, so we were more than happy to share our two crazies with them for the morning! We had breakfast and caught up a little on life.  It wasn't a far drive at all, so we will have to make it down there more often!  Right after that we met Charron and Andy at Dickie's for lunch (we fell in love with Dickie's last summer in Meridian, and then we found out there was one in Richmond!).  It was great to start our vacation off by seeing old friends :)  On our way home we stopped to see Aunt Lil in Newport News.  She made us a yummy lunch, and it was fun to catch up with her too!

We had SUCH a good time!  We are lucky enough to be heading out on vacation again to another beach in just over a week--yahoo!

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