Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Anniversary at the Beach :)

What a way to begin celebrating our NINTH wedding anniversary!  Jolene made a delicious breakfast of french toast, bacon and berries :)
Josh and Rick headed off to golf, so Jolene and I started at the playground, and then we took the boys all to the pool!
Happy splish-splasher!
Jumping rock
We caught Graham and Owen playing so nicely together by this big window :)
Once the guys got back, Josh and I headed out for Date Night!!!  
We had SUCH a good time!  The first restaurant we tried had a crazy wait, so we walked down the road at Hudson's.  Our food was delicious, and we had such a good time hanging out by the water and having adult conversation :) 

Here is our Facebook love back and forth:

From Dana: Nine years ago today I was waking up at my parents' house on my WEDDING DAY!!! I got to walk down the aisle to my spectacularly handsome husband who still has me so in love and laughing even more today. We spent the night with some of our best friends standing up next to us and a wonderful group of family and friends at our ceremony and reception. This morning we are waking up on vacation with our little family I love so much. 

From Josh: Family and Friends witness
Marriage to love of my life
9 years, still I do.

Dana, I still wake up each morning and thank God for blessing me so deeply with our family. i love you!

I LOVE my haiku-er!  The thought Josh puts into these little messages on big days mean so much to me :)  I can't wait to see what this tenth year of marriage brings!!!

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