Thursday, June 27, 2013

Beach, Playground, Ice Cream, Music!

Yesterday we headed to the beach again to start the day!  
Beach boys :)
The way the tide was going out made it perfect to just relax in the super shallow water and let gentle waves wash over us.  Both boys sat with me for a while just relaxing :)
LOVE these two so much!
We came back from the beach for lunch and a nap for Graham.  Josh took Jackson to the pool before dinner.  After yet another delicious meal by Jolene, we all headed down to town for some playground time...
Jackson LOVED having this awesome playground right across the street!
Then we headed to The Cinnamon Bear Country Store for some ice cream!  Jackson loved choosing his own flavor (some blue one named Superman, I think).  He was even more excited about the free sprinkles sitting out by the register :)

After ice cream, we headed to the big oak tree to watch Greg Russell's nightly performance.  This had been recommended to us, and it was FANTASTIC!  Jackson LOVED the songs and kid entertainment.  Josh and I loved the jokes that were included to keep the parents' attention.  Graham was a TROOPER, and he went right to sleep in his stroller for most of the show that started an hour and a half past his bedtime!  LOL  SUPER fun night!

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