Saturday, August 2, 2014

Jackson Loses His FIRST Tooth!!! (And, gets to go see a movie!)

Last weekend, Jackson announced he had a very wiggly tooth.  We thought he was just really HOPING for one, but after checking it out, we saw that it was pretty wiggly with another wiggler next door!  Yesterday morning I woke up to Jackson standing by my bed holding his tooth in his hand!  He was SOOO excited!!!
During Quiet Time, I crafted a hanging tooth pocket with a special tooth box to go inside.  We hung this on the bedpost at bedtime.  I managed to talk him out of under the pillow, since dealing with the switcheroo right under the pillow makes me really nervous!  LOL  The Tooth Fairy left two sparkly dollar bills in exchange for the tooth :)
Jackson's day just got better as he and I headed out on a date to see "Planes: Fire & Rescue" at the theater AND Isaiah and Miss Cheata met us there!!!  
Summer fun for these good buddies :)

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