Saturday, August 16, 2014

And, We're Off!!!

 We packed up the last minute items and took off for O’Hare!  Dad dropped us off at check-in and went to park the car in a long-term parking lot.  We got our bags checked and our boarding passes printed.  We all got through security and then we found our gate and lunch J
 Our flight was pretty non-eventful, and we even landed in Seattle a touch early!

We got all of our bags and hailed a cab to take us to our hotel, Executive Hotel Pacific.  Checking in took a bit of time, and the elevator was super slow since only one was working, but we finally got all settled in.  We didn’t rest too long and Josh took off to find his first vacation geocache while Mom, Dad and I went down to the wine tasting happy hour at the hotel.  

 We met up near the wharf at Ivar’s for dinner.  We only had a short wait, and then we had a great table right by a window looking out over the water.
 It was a really nice night, and we did some sightseeing/walking after dinner.  We caught a cab and went to the Space Needle.  Josh had another cache in mind and went to get that while we walked around the Space Needle, checked out the gift shop, people watched, and saw a little bit of the amazing blown-glass art at the museum next door.  
      We cabbed it back to the hotel and made our plan for the morning!

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