Friday, August 22, 2014

Alaskan Cruise Day 6: At Sea

We were all ready for a day on the ship after three amazing days sightseeing in Alaska!  We had a general gameplan to meet to play shuffleboard at 10:30, but we all slept way past that!  I think Josh and I finally rolled out of our room at 11/11:30!  The decision to not pay extra for any windows was perfect ;)  LOL  We managed to find the other four, and then we did go play shuffleboard for a little while!  

 It was another beautiful day out, and it was fun to play together.  We all ate lunch together next at Garden Café and then split up to relax.  I think we all took books, but we went different places.   That afternoon was just what I needed to work on my notes about everything we had done, read, and enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery!  
We all met at Tsar’s Palace for dinner, which also happened to be the night with the Chocoholic Menu for dessert.  We tried at least one of everything!  
We headed right to the show, which was touted as a big performance since it was really the last night (the next night we will still be in port in Victoria until 9pm).  The show was really spectacular!  At the end the ENTIRE crew of the ship was on board, and it was so fun to see all of the people we were able to recognize after sailing for so many days together.  We headed back to O’Sheehans for more game time and drinks—this is becoming a lovely way to end the days!
Monkey towel waiting for us!

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