Monday, August 18, 2014

Alaskan Cruise Day 2: At Sea

 We were up pretty early since we are still adjusting to west coast time.  We had breakfast at Garden Café, and then we ran into Larry and Michelle.  Larry and Josh decided to meet up for the 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament.  The four of us sat around the pool reading for a while.  Then the guys got ready for basketball, and I went along to cheer them on!  
 The whole basketball court was netted all around as well as overhead.  It was pretty windy out, but the guys seemed to get into a groove and did pretty well.  Larry and Josh picked up a third guy and won the first game.  

They lost the second game, but they ended up playing a third against the second group of guys.  Mom and Dad had come by and seen them playing, so we decided to all meet for lunch after the game.  
 FINALLY, basketball ended and we all ate at O’Sheehans for lunch.  Larry and I were the most excited about the cheese sticks on the menu--available pretty much any time... :D
 We relaxed and explored the ship more before meeting to play cards and have drinks.  For some of us, that meant a little casino time...
I found these delicious strawberries in our room when I went back to get ready--YUM!
We had a reservation at one of the specialty restaurants, Moderno (Brazilian steakhouse), that night, so then we all left to get ready for dinner.  Dinner was SO yummy!  We were totally stuffed, and then we headed off to see the evening show: a performance by a couple of amazing acrobats.  It was a really fun night!
Our first towel animal: A doggie!

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