Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Alaskan Cruise Day 3: Ketchikan, Alaska

We were up early for our first day in Alaska!  
After a quick breakfast at Garden Café, we made sure to take a picture of Josh with Ketchikan in the background to celebrate his 50th state!!!  

We got off the boat after having our picture taken with an eagle J   There were fun photo ops each day, and it didn't occur to me that they were all sponsored by Norwegian, so if I wanted any of those pictures we had to buy them all!  I would have loved a fun collection of cheesy pictures, but I'm pretty sure Josh is just find not having those souvenirs... ;)  
We pretty much headed right over to the lumberjack show where we were divided into two sides: Dawson Creek (Canada) vs. Spruce Mill (USA).  This was Mom and Dad’s first stop of the day too before they continued on the Totem Bight Totem Pole tour.  
Each team had two lumberjacks to root for, and we learned a special cheer.  
The lumberjacks competed in eight different events, and Dawson Creek ended up winning (that was our side)!  The whole show was really fun—a great start to our time in Alaska!  
We took off on our own after the show for an original geocaching tour of Ketchikan!  
We started right around town finding several caches, including many that gave us pretty views of the water and all of the fishing boats.  
I was really proud of myself for finding a particularly tricky one—it was a green magnet sheet on a green power box with a page protector underneath holding the log!  We walked along Creek Street (the famous street that once held many brothels) and saw thousands of salmon swimming in the creek and up the salmon ladder.  
We took a short walk to the Totem Heritage Center where there was a neat cache hidden amongst some HUGE trees with even larger tangled roots.  
We took the Downtown Bus to the area where we wanted to start our hike.  
We climbed a serious set of stairs, both concrete and wooden all the way up into the forest.  
There was a glorious view of the mountains, clouds and the fishing boats.  We know for sure we saw Wild Bill’s boat, Cape Caution, and we really think we saw a few others from “Deadliest Catch!!!”  
We had a really wonderful hike through the rainforest, which is so much different from our forests at home.  There was always something neat to look at as we walked.  
We found several really clever hides of geocaches before heading back down into town.  
Before splitting up to cache/shop, we did a multi-cache which included visiting three different totem poles and answering different questions about them in order to fill in the coordinates for the final cache.  That was a fun way to check out some of the town.  Josh went to go find a few more caches while I headed into the shops to browse.  We met just before all aboard to get back on the ship.  We went immediately for food!  We ate at Topsiders Grill right by the pool.  
At 4:00, we all met to have drinks and play Quirkel.  We had dinner at La Cucina, the Italian specialty restaurant.  It was really yummy!
And, our towel art for the night: A frog!

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