Friday, August 29, 2014

Re-Entry :)

Safe to say, all four of us had a wonderful end to summer :)  We drove back to Virginia and immediately got in gear for KINDERGARTEN!!!  We went shopping for shoes and a First-Day-of-School shirt.
 We also got to attend Kindergarten Orientation before Labor Day Weekend.  Yesterday we got a sitter for Graham and took off for our new school!!!  Our elementary school is called Pattie Elementary School and is only about five minutes from our house.
 First order of business, check out the school bus!
 Jackson has been on a school bus with a couple of pre-school field trips, but many rising Kindergarteners have not.  I thought this was a great idea to help families prepare for the first day of riding the bus!
 But, the building that houses Kindergarten and First Grades is still labelled as Washington Reid.  This was the original building, then the new building was built across the street, but was already over capacity, so both buildings are used now.
 RUNNING into the building :)
 Second order of business (after listening to the principal's opening words): Visit the classroom!  I cannot believe I don't have any pictures of this!!!  We met Jackson's teacher, Mrs. LeBel, walked around the classroom, found Jackson's cubby, picked up some paperwork, and met a family that lives on our street!

Third order of business: Practice Going Through the Lunchline--also brilliant!  They even had a sample meal prepared: three hot choices, three veggies (choose 2) and two fruits (choose 1).
Checking out where his Lunch Money card is.  We are all SO excited for Tuesday!!!

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