Sunday, August 24, 2014

Alaskan Cruise: Last Day

We got up in time to have one last breakfast at Garden Café.  It was so sad since we knew they were going to have a whole new group of passengers on board in just a few hours.  That was us a week ago :(  We were in no hurry to get off of the boat, so we took our time eating and getting down to the reception area.  We disembarked, retrieved our luggage, said good-bye to Larry and Michelle, checked our luggage at a hold area, and took off towards Pike Place for a ltitle more sightseeing.  Mom and Dad hung out and people-watched while we did one more run through the Market.  We ended up heading back to pick up our bags and find a taxi sooner than later.  That was just fine since the airport with four adults is no big deal compared to the airport with two children ;)  We ate lunch in the airport and were lucky enough to get seats all together in the exit rows!  Hurray!  

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