Friday, August 15, 2014

Pre-Vacation in Evanston

I didn't take any pictures with Mimi and Bampa or of any of the things we did!!!  I can still write about it, though :)  We got to their house on Sunday afternoon, and the weather was beautiful, so we headed over to Hackneys to eat on the patio.  This was the perfect dinner out to finish off an afternoon in the car.  Hackneys has a playhouse outside, and we got a table right by it!  The boys were super happy to go play while the grown-ups chatted.  We hit the ground right away with a day-long playdate with Brandi, Kaitlyn and Liam!!!  Jackson was SO excited for his Super Duper Sleepover coming up, and playing with KK and Liam was the perfect way to get even more excited :)  We played at Mimi and Bampa's house for the morning, then went over to Herm's for lunch, and then we laid the little guys down for a nap (Brandi babysits a little girl during the day) before taking K, L and J to the playground.  They played all around the playground, and we actually got a chance to start our catching up!  After Brandi loaded up the kids and went home, Mimi and I took the boys to visit Nan before meeting Daddy and Bampa for dinner.  

Tuesday morning, the boys and I headed out to see the Buerstattes' NEW HOUSE in ILLINOIS!!!  We could not be happier that they get to put down roots in their hometown and always be in town when we visit :)  The kids had a GREAT time checking out the toys, while I had loved taking the tour of their new beautiful home.  After heading home for naps and some relaxing, we met Bampa and Daddy at Lou's for dinner!  Bampa and Daddy got THREE days of golf in!!!  Mom and I went to see a movie that night :)

Mimi wasn't working on Wednesday, so we went to see Nan one more time, had some lunch and ran a ton of errands getting ready for the boys to go to the Buerstattes' and for us to leave on our trip.  The boys were troopers, and we got a TON accomplished!  Mimi and Bampa were nice enough to keep the boys while Josh and I drove out to meet Brandi and Scott for a double date!  We left Scott to give Josh a tour, including samples from his brewery, while I took Brandi for a pedicure as a belated birthday present.  We had SUCH a good time relaxing and chatting!  We went back to pick up the guys, and we headed out for delicious Mexican food and then some yummy Dairy Dream for dessert :)

Josh went off to do some geocaching yesterday morning (the second oldest in the country is in Elgin!), while the boys and I went to have breakfast with Bampa.  After breakfast the boys and I headed to Old Orchard to walk around and play outside at their really fun outdoor play area.  It was a beautiful day, and Bampa ended up joining us before we went to lunch.  I got the boys' things all packed during nap time, so after they were up, we drove out to the Buerstattes' and picked up pizza on the way :)  We all had dinner together and played before we laid the boys down (and nonchalantly said goodbye).  I was SO thankful Brandi was willing to have them spend the night on Thursday night too because it saved us a lot of tears with Graham!  

So, it was a whirlwind few days, but we got tons of time in with the Buerstattes and Mimi and Bampa :)

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