Tuesday, July 29, 2014

GSLP Friends

Jackson had two wonderful years at Good Shepherd Lutheran Playschool!  His first year there was really great, but I didn't feel like he or I connected with as many other kids/moms as I had hoped.  We did have some out of school playdates with a couple of families, but most of the parents seemed to keep to themselves at pick-up and drop-off.  This past year, we ended up part of a really fun group of kids and parents!  I don't know if part of the change was we were at school every day instead of just three non-consecutive days.  Many of us were returning for our second year, so maybe as a group we just felt more comfortable?  Whatever the reason, we both so looked forward to school each day and to the numerous playdates this summer!  One mom brought up the idea of setting a day and time each week to meet at a playground near the preschool.  We settled on Monday mornings at 10am, and this was a GREAT idea!  Whoever could come came, and the kids loved seeing each other more.  The moms (and sometimes dads and grandparents) actually got to chat while our kids were occupied running around or eating.  There was A LOT of snacking going on :)  Yesterday was the last one of the summer for us since we leave for our trip next week.  All of our big kids start Kindergarten next month, but I'm hoping we can still keep in touch as a group!

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