Saturday, July 19, 2014

Jackson and his TWO Wheeler!!!

I honestly cannot believe I'm posting this blog!  Jackson has been pretty excited about bike riding ever since we moved here, but he hasn't craved it like I thought he might.  Right when we moved in, he used to stand at the window watching Reagan and Avery ride around and around the cul-de-sac.  I had visions of him riding around and around and being content.  It never occurred to me that training wheels were not-so-conducive to fast and fun bike riding.  Jackson talked about riding a two-wheeler periodically, but he said not until he was ten.  We just let that go since there was really no hurry.  Well, a couple weekends ago, our neighbor, Sage, learned to ride pretty quickly, and I just casually told Jackson this.  He first said that was cool, but he still wanted to wait until he was ten.  A little later, however, he said he thought he might be ready to learn.  That weekend was hot and busy, so we didn't get to it.  He kept mentioning it, and finally the other night, Josh just decided to try it after we took a family walk.  The weather was gorgeous!  I went inside to put Graham to bed, and when I came out about 15 minutes later, he was pretty much all set!!!  I could NOT believe how quickly this process went!  The best part is, Jackson is super proud of himself, and we can tell he really knows how proud we are of him :)  Josh taught him in the street, but he's back on the sidewalk handling all of the curves like a pro.  He asks to go out and ride his bike ALL. THE. TIME now!!!  Graham is pretty happy to pick a riding toy out of the garage and follow along, so they are happy as clams :)

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