Friday, July 18, 2014

Where to Wednesday Fun!

We had our first visit of the season to Waterworks Waterpark!  We discovered this park last summer during their special 5 and under morning playtime.  For a series of Wednesday mornings, the kid area of the waterpark is open from 9-10:30 just for children 5 and under and their parents.  The rate is discounted, and parents are admitted free.  SCORE!  It is always a bit of a bummer when kid-oriented places charge full admission for parents too--that makes some outings SO expensive!  Sadly, last year, we were only able to make it to one of these special playtimes.  This year, we are hoping to make it to a few!  
We had some friends meet us, and all of the kids had such a good time playing together!  Jackson was AMAZING!  He took Graham everywhere with him and was so helpful--I was so proud of him!  His good behavior was reinforced with a milkshake later :)
I actually got to stand and talk to my mom friends since this area really is perfectly designed.  Graham can do just about everything on his own (he was wearing a Puddle Jumper the entire time), but the "big" kids are super entertained too!  We were all impressed with the number or lifeguards on duty.
This tongue slide is a huge hit! 
After we finished at the waterpark, we hit the library for our weekly summer reading program check-in and to grab some new books.
A new helper at the book return :)
And, in the afternoon, it was time for out last afternoon playdate with the Wolfe girls.  Sniff, sniff!  I will always remember the day I really met Hallie.  She was walking Izzy and Mary in the double stroller, and I stopped her to chat.  Mostly I was intrigued that there was someone who just liked to walk around the neighborhood like I did!  I'm pretty sure it was shortly after that meeting that I blurted out I was pregnant with Graham (it was right after Halloween, and I was confessing how I was mooching Jackson's candy--it was too bad he had a preggo mama at Halloween time!).  She just has that kind of personality where you feel comfortable talking.  We became fast friends, and we were outside playing in one of our yards almost every afternoon after naptime.  During our friendship we both got pregnant and added one more kiddo to our houses, and Graham and Violet have been adorable and hilarious friends ever since!  I will miss having Hallie to catch up with on a daily basis and to do Girls' Nights with.  The next adventure for the Wolfe Family begins in August in GERMANY!  Thank goodness for Facebook, Skype and e-mail--I can't wait to follow along with their adventures and hear all about life abroad!  Jackson will be stoked to get international mail--we are hoping for a little pen pal action :)
So sad to say our third goodbye to a wonderful friend, but I am so excited for this next step for them!
On a lighter note, we noticed the butterflies had realized our butterfly bush was in full bloom!  Jackson loves checking out the butterflies!  The one in the picture below was drinking nectar, and we could actually see that when we got up close!  Ah, nature at it's finest!

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