Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ahoy! Pirate Cruise

About a year ago I bought a Certifikid deal for Boomerang Pirate Ship, and we finally got around to using the coupons!  This was week #2 of a Just Jackson activity (last week he went to see "The Lego Movie" with Josh in the morning, and then they went to see a reptile show at the library the same night).  We left Graham at home with Alyssa and Ashley babysitting, we picked up Josh at work, and we headed to Georgetown to catch the pirate ship!
Patiently waiting
The crew was quite good for the boat, but Lovely Lindsay and Crazy Keegan were quite the entertaining duo as they led the on board activities.  The first thing they did was learn some pirate words.  
It was hilarious watching this crew of kids repeat, "Shiver me timbers!"
We did have amazing views as we sailed on the Potomac, but this was not a typical sightseeing cruise ;)
Pirate tattoos by Crazy Keegan were next!
Followed by face painting by Lovely Lindsay!
He's an authentic pirate now!  
The plot of this Treasure Hunt Cruise was Junkyard Josh stole the keys to the treasure chest!  Of course, the three of us got a huge kick out of the villain being named Josh! 
 Junkyard Josh came cruising around two times, and during those times the water cannons on the sides of the boat turned on full blast.  The kids got to man the cannons and spray Junkyard Josh in an attempt to get back the keys.
It was pretty warm, so we think Junkyard Josh had a great job ;)
Checking for Junkyard Josh--the second time he came around, the kids wore him down with the water, and we got back the keys :)
Once the keys were back on board and the treasure chest opened, each pirate got to choose two pieces of the loot!  Jackson got two "gold coins."
There was a super cute line dance, which of course, Jackson got into just as it was ending..
My fierce pirate :)
And, of course, a little limboing to end the cruise!  LOL
We had such a great afternoon!  I would highly recommend this pirate cruise as a special family outing!  There was another coupon deal run this summer, so if you keep your eyes open, I'm betting you can get a good deal.  For out-of-town guests or a super special thing, it would be worth paying full price!

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