Monday, July 28, 2014

Saturday Adventures

We set off on a day-adventure to accompany Josh to find his 500th cache!!!
It was a pretty nice day, and our first stop was an area in Leesburg with quite the interesting hike.  We started down a path following the power lines, and then we reached this dam we got to climb down and over to the next wooded area for more caching.  There was even one cache called Hagrid's Hut, and that appealed to both of these grown-up Harry Potter fans!  I think it would be really fun to find a whole series of Harry Potter themed caches.
Where are the JASes?  Look hard towards the middle left of the photo.  Josh and Jackson are standing against the wall for scale.
Standing in the dam.  Is that a thing?
Hiking back over the dam.
After a quick picnic lunch, we grabbed another cache in Ida Lee Park before heading towards the library to play at the playground.
The actual 500th cache was the result of earning points over several weeks.  It is called The Resuscitation Challenge, and the idea was to find caches that hadn't been found in a long time.  The longer the time period since the last find, the more points!  Josh collected all of the points, and now he was able to go and find the final!
Playing catch!
The rest of the afternoon's plan was to go peach picking.  Don't let these pictures fool was not nearly as much fun as it looks like :(  We tried a new orchard, and there were not many peaches left at all, the bugs were terrible, and we were all a bit tired.  
We got a few peaches, and I was able to make several of the yummy recipes I had picked out.
Maybe we'll stick with the Farmers' Markets from now on...
However, our last stop of the day, worked out perfectly!  We tried out the new Dickey's in Centreville, and it was the perfect ending to a (mostly) really fun day as a family :)
Ice cream at the end, of course!

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