Friday, July 11, 2014

Coloring, Junior Rangers, and Team Toni

Just a cute picture of the boys coloring before we took Jackson to camp!
Jackson completed a four-day Junior Ranger camp at Leesylvania State Park.  He LOVED it!  Each day they hiked, did a craft, played at the playground, and checked out various animals.  This picture is from a little closing ceremony they did where each camper received a certificate proclaiming them Junior Rangers and a t-shirt and a badge to iron on.  
Right after Jackson's Junior Ranger ceremony, we hurried back home to catch the last of the sno-cone party for Toni.  Toni and her family had just moved to their new duty station, but Toni was in a pretty serious firework accident on the 4th of July, so they were back in this neck of the woods seeing doctors and taking care of other things.  We were SO happy to get to visit with her and her mom, and to hug them in person :)  We put together a bag of goodies to keep her in good spirits while she works on her recovery.  We are sure going to miss her smiling face around the street!
Ashley, Toni, Jackson, Alyssa, Graham, Violet, Izzy and Mary
The girls are wearing pink t-shirts that have a special "T" emblem on them to represent Talon's Team Toni!  We are so glad our friend will be ok :)

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