Saturday, July 5, 2014

Fourth of July with a Little Taste of "Home!"

When the Kennedys asked us if we were interested in going to the Cubs game when they were in town to play the Nats, we said, "Sure!!!"  This was months ago, so who knew we would get such a gorgeous day???  It barely broke 80, and there was a pretty nice breeze all day!  
Situated in our seats!
Even better, Mrs. MacHenry was at the game!!!  We knew she is an avid Nats fan, and that she likes to go to lots of games, so we were hoping she'd be at this one!  We took a little field trip over to her section to meet her, and Jackson was SO excited!  I hadn't told him where we were going when we left our seats  :)  Here they are in their opposing t-shirts ;)
We all made it through the 7th inning, but then we decided to move the fun to the Kennedy house!  Josh has Graham on his shoulders, and Craig has Donovan on his shoulders.
Resting up before more playtime!
Cute lil' Cubs fan!
Future swimsuit model?
Craig and Bianca had the pool set up, corn hole to play, tons of food to eat, and a wonderful yard to enjoy the day and good company :)
Pool-break selfie!
The Original Snuggle Buggle :)
Almost sitting in order--Graham (2) and Hunter (1 1/2) should be switched.  Donovan will be 4 soon and then Jackson is 5 1/2.  
Popsicles to end the fun day (so far)!  

My original plan was to be home around 6:30 so we could lay Graham down for bed at his usual time, and let him nap for a couple of hours before getting him up and taking him to fireworks.  But, as I suspected, we were having such a good time with the Kennedys that we didn't want to leave :(  We finally tore ourselves away, and we pretty much just swung by the house to grab a blanket and went right to the fireworks.  Graham did snooze a bit on the way home, so he was hanging in there, but we could tell he was a little befuddled as to why he was still awake and not in bed.  LOL  We scored an invite with the Walburgers to go see some great fireworks super close!  They had invited us two years ago (when Graham was just a month old--those are some sweet memories), and it was a wonderful display with no traffic to fight :)  

We had a truly lovely 4th!  Josh and I are SO proud of both boys!  We can't remember the last time we were gone from the house all day.  They both hung in there and did awesome!  Hooray!

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