Monday, August 6, 2012

Wedding Weekend: Wedding Day!!!


This day was probably the most challenging logistically.  Josh was having brunch with the other groomsmen and Larry at 9:30am.  My mom needed to be at the Calhoun Beach Club (the reception site) at some point in the morning to start getting ready with all of the other girls.  Dad, Jackson, Graham and I wanted to have lunch together.  We all needed to get dressed for the wedding and to the temple.  And, Pax had to be let out at some point so he didn’t get left too long in the hotel room.  Phew!  Josh drove himself to Larry’s, and they went together to brunch.  He then went back to Larry’s with him, picked up his tux, and drove himself to the Beach Club to get ready.  We didn’t see him until 3:15 at the temple for pictures.  Jackson, Graham, and I walked over to a playground in the morning (since we didn’t have a car), and then Dad picked us up for lunch after he dropped Mom at the Beach Club.  We ended up walking over to Culver’s around the corner for lunch and then we let Pax out right before we left.  That bought us enough time to stay at the reception until about 10.  The boys and I went to Mom and Dad’s room to nap and get ready.  That all went pretty well except Jackson chose THIS day to NOT NAP!  UGH!  We got to the temple just around 3:15 for family pictures.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day, weather-wise, so I think we got some really nice shots outside!  
Michelle getting ready
They looked STUNNING!
Bouquets ready to go
All dressed up with somewhere special to go :) :) :)
After pictures, but before the ceremony, the families and bridal party gathered in a smaller room for the Ketubah signing.  This is the actual Jewish marriage contract.  Larry and Michelle chose a beautiful design for their Ketubah—I know it will look so pretty hanging in their apartment!  
Graham was awesome!  I had fed him right before we left for the temple, and he pretty much slept throughout the whole ceremony.  I gave him a touch of a bottle at one point when he fussed, but other than that no one knew there was a baby there.  
Jackson did a wonderful job!  He started out a normal pace, and then he hurried down the aisle.  He looked SO super cute in his little toddler-sized tux J  He sat pretty well with me for the rest of the ceremony thanks to some quiet snacks ;) The ceremony was just beautiful!  Michelle’s dress was gorgeous, and the wedding party looked so nice.  The rabbi did a very nice job of giving the whole thing a personal touch, but not making it corny.  And, Larry smashed the glass perfectly at the end of the ceremony J  After the ceremony, Jackson chose to ride the chartered bus to the Beach Club, so Graham, Dad and I rode together. 
 The room at the Calhoun Beach Club was magnificent!  There was a large room for dinner and it opened out onto a large terrace.  The cocktail hour was outside, and it was still so beautiful out, weather-wise.  
Our family with my cousins, Greg and Stacey
Enjoying the cocktail hour...and the weather!!!
Mimi helping Jackson drink his Transformer Tonic (Shirley Temple)
What an adorable addition to the wedding :)
Clearly enjoying cocktail hour ;)
Daddy and Grahammers
There was a display immediately when you walked up to the reception room with Jenga blocks set out with markers.  Guests were asked to write an example of what the building blocks of marriage are.  
The name cards looked beautiful with flower petals surrounding them.
Each table name was a restaurant that held significance to Michelle and Larry.  We sat with my cousins, Greg and Stacey from California, Auntie Dale and Uncle Ed, and Katie’s mom and dad.  Our table was Herm’s J  They had a Lou’s table also, along with some other special spots from Evanston, one  from their time in Houston when they ran a half-marathon, one from the Grand Tetons, several from Minneapolis, and a few others.  It was really fun to read the descriptions on them all.  
The centerpieces were beautiful purple flower-themed creations.  Some tables had a simple, short arrangement.  
Others had a series of skinny, tall vases filled with water and floating flowers.  Candles completed the classy effect.  
The band was wonderful, and a DJ took over after the band’s time was over.   The cake was simple and so pretty!  
The topper made it SO personal!
Dinner was SO yummy: there was a chicken or salmon option.  We ordered one of each and shared.  For dessert, there was a fabulous selection of mini-desserts: mini-trifles, mini-pies, cake slices mini-cinnamon donuts, mini-salted caramel cookie things, and fruit.  Beverages of choice: 
My date for most of the evening
The atmosphere of the reception was perfect, I think.  Everyone seemed to be in a celebratory mood, the weather could not have been more perfect, and Michelle and Larry looked so happy.  I got chills when they were introduced and again watching the guys hoist them on the chairs for the Hora.  Watching their friends surround them to dance definitely made me teary, and again just thinking about it. 
First dance--dance lessons put to very good use!
Larry's awesome speech to his freshly minted bride.  Michelle gave a really sweet speech at the rehearsal dinner.
Mother-Son dance
The Hora was one of the first songs the band played that got SUPER loud.  They were really good, but the noise was a bit much.  Jackson really didn’t want to be in the main room, and just covered his ears L Unfortunately, due to Jackson’s lack of nap, he wore down earlier than we had hoped :(  He lasted through the first dance, the parent dances, the toasts, and the Hora.  
Josh and I quickly concocted a plan for us all to go back to Mom and Dad’s.  I laid Jackson down and fed Graham while Josh ran over to OUR hotel to let out Pax.  Once he got back, Graham and I headed back to the reception.  That all took a little longer than expected, so most people were gone once I got back.  It was still nice to chat with a few people that were left, watch Larry and Michelle’s friends on the dance floor, and eat some dessert!  Once we got back to Mom and Dad’s, we did some switcheroo-ing so that everyone’s belongings were in the appropriate car.  That way we could just head out when we were ready in the morning instead of worrying about it then.                                       
Graham in his wedding attire :)  He was quite happy after a full feeding and before a diaper change!

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