Friday, August 17, 2012

Johnson City Layover

 Yesterday morning we headed over to check out the Hands On! Museum in Johnson City.  Becca had it on her list of spots to try out, and we were happy to help her explore :)
The rotating exhibit was Dinosaur Revolution.  There was an awesome maze to walk through first.  The way you decided which way to go was by answering different trivia questions.  If you got to a dead end, you answered incorrectly, but if the path was clear, you guessed right!
There were different activities along the way, like dinosaur feet.
Pretending to be paleontologists!
Once we went into the main part of the museum, there were tons of cool exhibits!  This one was about water.
Driving a rocket ship.
No children's museum is complete without a pretend grocery store
Getting ready to check out
Colby had a great time pushing around the carts
Cashier Becca checks out Shopper Jackson
Grant taking a turn at the register
There was a large stage with quite a few dress-up options!
Driving a tractor...
...then flying an airplane!!
Blowing huge bubbles
There was an awesome bank exhibit
There were old computers, calculators, and a drive-through window!
Jackson pretending to be a teller
Grant helping his mommy deposit some money
There was a large fish tank with a cut-out for kids to stand up in.  That way it let them get a view like they were IN the tank!
And, then there was this super fun slide in a pretend coal mine. Needless to say, many members of our group went down multiple times :)
All three boys pulling to lift weights.
Playing a fun hiding game :)
After naps, we headed to George's aunt and uncle's house.  Our first stop was playing with Grant's Power Wheels.
Jackson giving Colby a ride.
He shoots!
After checking out the basketball hoop and house, we got to go pet the horses and donkeys!!!
Petting the horseys :)
After saying good-bye to the horses and donkeys we went to One12 for dinner.  Becca and George have a fabulously long list of restaurants to try out, so we helped them get started!  The food was yummy, but it was not the most kid friendly.  The kids did pretty well, all things considered!

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