Monday, August 13, 2012

Meridian Layover Part 1

Yesterday we went to see all of the jets!!!  The kids LOVED running around and seeing all of them! 
Brandi and me with a jet
Part of the fleet
Graham clearly enjoyed this field trip :)
Crazy kids!  This is the jet that has Scott's name on it!!!  Too bad they misspelled his last name :(
Yet another back-shot to add to my collection :)
The "big" kids
Kaitlyn flying the jet
The guys being guys
Liam is desperately trying to get up there too!
Checking things out
It was really neat getting to see what Scott loves to do!  Our fun outing continued to Dickey's Barbecue Pit for lunch.  It was quite a hit--the food was delicious!  The extra perks were kids eating free on Sundays and free soft serve ice cream cones all days for everyone!  Can't get much better than that :) 
After naps, we were lucky enough to be invited two houses down to Lauren's 3rd birthday party! Lauren is one of KK's best friends :) All of the kids had a blast! There was an inflatable water slide and other fun water toys. Much to our surprise, Jackson LOVED the water slide and getting all wet--YES! This is quite an accomplishment for the kid that doesn't like getting sprayed in the face or dunked. Jackson also ate almost a whole piece of cheese pizza for dinner! WOO HOO!!! He loved getting tattoos too as an activity at the party. He chose one of Flounder and one of Belle. Both of them went on his belly! Luckily, Josh and Jackson picked out a buffalo tattoo as Graham's souvenir from Sioux Falls, so he was able to partake in the tattoo-age :)

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