Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bath Boys...and the Last Two Weeks!

Well, we got back and jumped right back into life! Graham LOVES lying on his playmat now that we are home!  He's so much more alert than when we left!
 Josh and Joe had their second annual Mancation planned for a week after we got back.  They headed to Pittsburgh on Friday morning to see a Pirates game.  They spent the night and played golf on Saturday before heading back home.  The boys and I did ok, although there were more moments of not listening than I would have liked...  The best part was these two having a bath together!  Jackson LOVES helping me give Graham a bath!  Like, it's an excellent bribe, he loves it so much :)  Graham LOVES watching Jackson, so it's a win, win!  The baby tub and Jackson both fit in our master tub just fine together, so that's a fun change of pace!
Squeaky clean pirate and alligator!
How cute are these two brothers???
The Bascoms gave the boys matching jammies at my baby shower, and they finally fit both Jackson and Graham!
A couple shots Josh took of PNC Park on his trip:
Pretty skyline!
 Jackson picked out this awesome penguin toy that we totally remember from our childhood!  He LOVES it and as an added bonus, Graham loves it too!
 We had the Bashores over for dinner after Josh got back from his Mancation.  Avery and Jackson had a little accidental collision and a plate did this to Jackson's eye!!!  It actually hasn't bothered him since the initial impact, but it sure looks awful :(
To make matters worse, I took Jackson into the doctor the day after this accident, and found out he had almost infected ears (lots of fluid and some redness), swollen tonsils with lots of gunk on them, and a super stuffy nose.  The pediatrician did say that the color of his nose made her think allergies, and it had just spread to his ears and throat.  So, that's good that we weren't spreading a virus, but I feel bad for how miserable Jackson must have been!  She put him on an antibiotic and told us to resume with Children's Claritin.  In addition to this doctor visit, Graham had his belated two-month check-up, and I tried out a more local dentist who I LOVED!  YAY!  Nothing like real life to make you miss your vacation...

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