Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Great Summer Road Trip 2012: Leg 8--Johnson City to Dumfries

 And...we're home!  17 states and 28 days later :)  Our last day of driving went pretty well.  We spent the morning at Becca and George's and left around 12:30.  Jackson napped for a bit and we stopped for dinner at Chick-fil-a in Fredericksburg before getting home around 8pm.  As you can see, these boys were happy to be home! 
We had SUCH a good time!!!  The car time went well and I LOVED spending time with my good friends and watching our kids play together--that makes my heart so happy :) :) :)  I am so thankful Josh worked so hard to make this all work out! 
Josh has now been to 49 states (only Alaska left)!  I have been to 45 (Oregon, Texas, Oklahoma, Alaska, and North Dakota left).  Jackson has been to 24 states and Graham to 18.
On to enjoying the last two weeks of Josh's time off this summer!

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