Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Great Summer Road Trip 2012: Leg 6--Memphis to Meridian

This was a short driving day that started around 8:30 and ended about 1:30 in Meridian, Mississippi at the Buerstattes’ house!!!  This was what we were aiming for since we left Minneapolis!  The drive went pretty well, and Jackson ended up napping in the late morning, so he was ready to play when we got to the house.  
He and Kaitlyn were happy to be reunited! 
 Brandi and I were equally as happy : ) They moved from Quantico to Meridian just over a year ago, but we have only seen them once; at Thanksgiving time in Illinois.  Our trips just haven’t coincided since then :( I immediately started laundry while the kids played together--the Buerstattes were so gracious to let us explode our carfull into their house!  
Graham was more than happy to stretch out and discover the magical world of the play mat :)
After a while, we headed over to the next door neighbor’s house to test out the bouncy castle that was set up for the block party.  Fun, but we had to come back home to cool off before heading back for dinner time!
It was really fun to meet Brandi and Scott’s friends and get a feel for the neighborhood.  It was a potluck deal, and the food was delicious!!!  Scott and Josh broke out Scott’s new deep fryer to make chicken wings.  They were AMAZING!  The kids had a fabulous time playing since there was a huge Bouncy Castle!
A little morning play time with trains!  Brandi has an AMAZING closet right by her toy area, and it is full and totally organized for toy and book storage!!!  Jackson LOVED pulling out different toys, but he was the most excited to see this set of trains that he always loved playing with when he played at their Quantico house!
We did brave the playground for a little morning outing, but none of us lasted long in the Meridian humidity and heat!
Snack break before a wagon ride back to the house and AIR CONDITIONING!
Dot painting before lunch :)
Brandi made In-n-Out style burgers for dinner--DELICIOUS!

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