Thursday, August 2, 2012

Evanston Layover Part 5

We had a lazy morning on Tuesday, but in the afternoon we met Bampa to play putt-putt!!!  Jackson LOVED it, and it was the perfect activity for us all to do together.  Josh wore Graham in the Ergo and was our photographer.  Mimi, Bampa, Jackson and I played a whole round.  

Perhaps a future Olympian when Putt-Putt becomes an Olympic sport???
Just hanging out with Mimi on a crocodile ;)
Another classic from-the-back shot of Daddy and Jackson
The Fab Four Putt-Putters
Bampa and Jackson's special date---date-bombed by the rest of us!
Just a little golf under the Eiffel Tower
That's one tall giraffe!
This is why you shouldn't allow lions on a golf course ;)

I have been lucky enough to stay in touch with a couple of families who were part of my classroom when I taught in Elgin.  Sadly, the Masnatos were out of town the time we were in town, but the Wiedemann’s were in town and nice enough to trek all the way to Evanston to meet Baby Graham!  Jackson LOVED playing with Ashley and Alyssa, and of course, right as they were getting ready to leave, Jackson warmed up to Alex too!  They painted and played trucks and cars while the grown-ups chatted J  Mimi had the day off, so we went out for lunch and then she and I worked on filling the bottles with candy she planned to set out as little favors at the rehearsal dinner.  Josh and Dad played golf for their FOURTH time and then we all met for dinner with Nan. 

This day was a bit crazy since we were ALL getting ready to leave the next morning for Minneapolis!!!  The day was pretty low-key and full of packing, but the boys and I did get out in the afternoon to meet Beth, Lindsey, and Eric Saxe at Penny Park.  This produced one happy and sweaty boy J  Our last meal was Lou’s at home in the midst of the packing frenzy and the loading of cars.

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