Sunday, August 5, 2012

Graham is Two Months Old!

I can and cannot believe Graham is already two months old!!!  I feel like our stay in the hospital for his birth was AGES ago!  I also do feel like I'm succeeding at savoring all this time of his littleness.  But, of course, no parent feels like time is ever moving slowly (well, unless it's those last few minutes until nap/bedtime ;))
Graham has been a CHAMP on our road trip so far!  Before leaving I was quite nervous because he seemed to really dislike his car seat.  NOT ALLOWED in this family!!!  LOL  But, in the week before we left, he did a little better when riding in the car regularly.  We have to stop about every two hours to snuggle and feed him, but he usually falls right back asleep once we are moving again.  He doesn't rest soundly for those two whole hours, however, so there is a lot of leaning back to pop the paci back in.  We can trick him with some sips of a bottle to buy ourselves a little time if his demands get too crazy, but it really hasn't been overwhelming or frustrating at all.  This was a fabulous time to take him on a trip like this since his main needs are feeding, sleeping, and snuggling.  I can do all of those anywhere.  He doesn't much mind if it's in Dumfries, Evanston, or a hotel.
Graham is SLOWLY stretching out the time between feedings.  He still wants to eat about every three hours during the day and about every four hours at night.  I'm really ok with that since he goes back to sleep after each nighttime feeding.  He really likes to be held to nap during the day still, but again, he sleeps on his own at night, so I'm ok with that!  Plus, I have to get my baby snuggles in while I can :)

It has been WONDERFUL introducing Graham to many of our friends and family members while we have been home.  It's also really neat for Jackson to show off his Big Brother skills :)  Graham's is staying awake and alert for a few longer stretches during the day.  Jackson's favorite job in the car is to report as to whether Graham's eyes are open or closed.  He really is such a happy baby, except for those times he needs to eat (it goes from zero to sixty, folks) or wants some extra snuggling time.  Not only are we loving being a family of four, but we are loving being a family of four on the road, living out of our Prius ;)

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