Friday, May 31, 2013

Jackson's LAST Day of Preschool 2013!

 Yesterday was Jackson's LAST day of school for this 2012-2013 school year :(  He had a GREAT year!  He LOVED his teacher, Mrs. Hughes!  Every night when we tucked him in he asked if had school the next day, and he got SO excited when the answer was, "Yes!"  Each day after school we went through the usual questions: what his job was, what was for snack, who he played with, what they played, and what he learned.  His favorite job was the caboose, but he was really excited to be a helper in any way.  He loved all of the snacks!  It seems like he had a nice little group of friends to play with, and that made this mama's heart happy :)  I was so nervous he would be the kid sitting by himself on the playground...  As the year went on, he was able to more readily share facts he had learned during the day.  
Here is the comparison shot from the FIRST day of school in September!
 Brothers on the last day of school...
And, brothers on the first day!  
 Jackson's last day of school was actually a picnic at Locust Shade Park.  All of the children from all of the classes gathered for a picnic and small certificate presentation ceremony.  There wasn't an organized effort to  take a picture of the class, so this is the best I got!
 Jackson and Mrs. Hughes at the end of his first year of preschool :)

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