Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Date Knight at Chick-fil-a!

My handsome date for Mother-Son Date Knight at Chick-fil-a!!!  He was SOOO excited!  I made our reservations a couple of weeks in advance, but I went ahead and told him because I was so excited!  He kept checking the calendar to see if it was "6" yet :)
I didn't get a super great picture, but you can sort of see the cow on the right side--dressed as a knight of course!  The whole section in the back was reserved for this event, and it was all decorated to look like a huge castle!  It was amazing!
A view of the inside of our dining area
 Jackson and the knight
 Our reserved table :)  Complete with red tablecloth, special napkins and silverware, a shield for Jackson to decorate, special placemats, treats, and our name!
 Close-up of table decorations
  After dinner, everyone was brought ice cream!  We were thrilled!  There was even a special area with toppings galore!
  Jackson said, "Yes, please!" to everything except Skittles and worms
 Back home reunited with our junior knight :)  Yes, that is a tiara on my head and a flower corsage on my shirt!  Each mom received one of each upon checking in!  Jackson LOVED that I was a princess and he was a knight!  He received a goody bag on the way out filled with a Chick-fil-a cup, a bouncy ball, a pencil, a stuffed cow, a medieval horse figuring, and a plastic sword!!!  I received a flyer with date night ideas and coupons!
 Date Knight Still Life
We also received this framed print of the two of us minutes after the photographer took it!
Thanks, Josh, for hanging out with Graham so Jackson and I could have our special date!!!

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