Monday, May 20, 2013

Super Saturday!

We had FOUR different social engagements to go to on Saturday!  There was one more that just wasn't possible on top of that!  May 18th was a great day to have a party, I guess :)  We started the (rainy) day with a soccer game.  Jackson played really well and scored a great goal!!!  From there we went to Rachel's FIFTH (how did THAT happen?) birthday party!!!  
It was rainbow themed--isn't this the most amazing wall decoration???
Susie organized a great rainbow-colored sticker scavenger hunt!  The kids had such a good time searching for the different stickers and filling up their own sticker books.
Pinata time!  This rainbow pinata was STURDY!  It was quite the process to break it open...
Time for a rainbow-decorated cake!  Happy birthday, dear Rachel :)
Jackson thoroughly enjoyed his cake :)  Cake #1 of 3 for the day...
This isn't the best picture, but I like it because Graham was totally hanging with the big kids as they played in the big cardboard box!  He's going to be crazy once he can really "play!"
Our next event was a party for Jackson's soccer team so they could receive their trophies!  The above picture is funny because all of the "big" kids sat down and started playing with the baby toys!
Jackson getting his trophy from Coach Jason and Coach Roger!
Team picture (minus two friends)
Cutie :)
SOOO proud of his trophy!
Jackson Smith
Go Gold!  PWSI U4
Spring 2013
Sunday was a MUCH more relaxing day!  Josh assembled Jackson's new bike!!!  He was doing great on his old one, and he hadn't complained, but we noticed his little knees were hitting the handlebars :(  He FLIES on this one!

I also made my first Strawberry Rhubarb Pie using rhubarb from the farmers' market and my new pie pan and pie bird :)  YUM!

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