Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day X 2!!!

 I have TWO fabulous reasons to help me celebrate Mother's Day this year!  I cannot believe Graham was still in my belly last year!  These two pictures weren't actually taken on Mother's Day, but close enough :)

Friends in cahoots already ;)
 We kicked off the day with Bampa and Jackson making us a pancake brunch!  It was delicious!!!  After lunch, we went over to visit Nan and bring her some presents for Mother's Day.  She loved seeing the boys, and they loved showing her their newest tricks and special toys.  We relaxed back at home for a bit before heading to Hackney's for a yummy dinner!
 LOVE being the mom of these two sweet, snuggly boys!!!
 I was THRILLED we got to spend Mother's Day with MY mom too!!!  I couldn't ask for a better mom, a better Mimi for my boys, or best friend :)

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