Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Sunday

We had a house-ful yesterday, and it was such fun!  Rachel and Jake rode in Rolling Thunder with her parents, so we had the kids over to our house to play for the day!  Jackson and Graham were IN HEAVEN!  Graham LOVES playing with his big brother, but he loves when other kids are added to the mix, and he especially loves when there is someone his size!!!  The castle was a hit among all ages!
Graham just plopped himself down and hung with Avery :)
"Hi, Mom!"
After breakfast and playing inside, we had lunch on the porch!  Then the little guys napped while the big guys watched a movie!  Then we all went back outside for some softball!  They had quite the little game going!
A boy and a ball
Check out Avery with the binoculars--every team needs a binocular-girl :)
Graham was super happy playing in the grass!
Sliding down the new slide!!!
Brothers in their clubhouse :)
The Bashore Three...soon to be FOUR!
A little snack-time outside!

After the above picture was taken, everyone helped us wash out our pirate water table so it is ready for the season!  Once the bikers got back, we all grilled at our house for dinner and enjoyed the nice weather.  A great Memorial Day Sunday!

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