Sunday, May 26, 2013

Post-Mother's Day Zoo Trip!

We have gone to the zoo for our Mother's Day activity every year since I was lucky enough to start celebrating the holiday...even the year we were in New Orleans!  This year, I was SO excited to celebrate with my mom in Evanston, but we did not head into the city for the zoo.  Sooo...we went a little belatedly once we got home :)
Our strategy is to head all the way to the other end of the whole zoo (the petting zoo) and then work our way back up the enormous hill with lots of stops along the way.  First stop: petting a cow :)
They were letting kids take turns brushing the goats!  Some liked it better than others...
The seals are always a good time!  LOVE this little face!
And, this one :)
A little stroller lunch.  Maybe this will catch on as a fad like bento boxes???
Some puffs for dessert--look at those fingers and lips working so hard!
He LOVED watching the seals!  We all loved watching the seals and ducks play tag above water--the ducks liked to mess with the seals, but once the seals started swimming around, the ducks got a bit flustered!
Jackson was SO excited to climb up on this huge statue!  We had SUCH a great day!  We didn't worry about naps or anything.  We headed in when we were ready--not super duper early--, took our time checking out the animals, enjoyed our picnic lunch, and just had a relaxing visit.  Jackson was really interested in learning facts about some animals and asked lots of questions (on top of the normal 400) about them.  I loved getting to spend time watching him observe :)
We came home for a brief rest, and then headed out to Red Robin for dinner!  Somehow we ended up with a picture of JOSH and the boys, even though this was the end to our extended MOTHER'S Day...  :P
When we got home, Jackson helped Josh get the mower started.  They added some gas...
...and then worked together to pull the cord to start it!

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