Saturday, May 11, 2013

Good Friends, New and Old!

We are some lucky people since we just took off for Evanston AGAIN! It hasn't been much more than a month since we left!  We are in town for my dad's retirement party, but we snuck in some visits with friends too!  The boys did SO WELL in the car!  We picked Jackson up from school on Wednesday and headed out.  We stopped for dinner and the boys slept most of the time after that.  We got into Evanston after driving for just under twelve hours--not too bad!
 Our first stop once we got to Mimi and Bampa's was meeting up with Kim and Baby Mia!  Jackson was super excited to meet Mia since he was too little to visit her in the hospital a month ago.  He wanted to hold her as much as possible :)  Graham didn't think too much of her, but he did enjoy the train table!  He was so cute standing there "playing" with the trains.
 Kim was amazing and helped keep an eye on Graham so I could snuggle HER baby! Such a good friend :)
 We headed back home to meet Josh and Larry at Herms for lunch--the first time Josh had had it since New Year's--it was a long time coming!  I escaped during naptime to get a manicure and pedicure--it was a lovely treat--and then we got to get ready for our date!  
We went out with Mom and Dad and Larry to celebrate Larry's and my birthdays--it was a really fun night and delicious food!
 On Friday we met up with the Buerstattes at Chick-fil-a!!!  We were SOOO excited to see them, play and catch up!  Kaitlyn, Jackson and Liam got to eat at a table all by themselves!

We got three out of the four in the picture...  

On the way home, we stopped at Barnes and Noble to spend a rainy afternoon playing at the train table, reading books, and drinking tea--Mimi was able to meet us there after work.  That night we FINALLY got some delicious Lou's pizza in our bellies :)

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