Sunday, July 5, 2015

Fourth of July 2015!

 For the four days leading up to the 4th, Jackson went to Pillar Kids Sports Camp.  Our neighbors attend Pillar Church, and each summer, the church sponsors a sports camp for elementary aged kids...for free!  Jackson LOVED every day!  He chose basketball as his "focus" sport, but he got to do some soccer and baseball as well.  He did know two of the volunteers since they are our neighbors, but otherwise he knew no one to start, but he didn't seem to give it a second thought!  I'm so proud of how he just dives into new situations and has such good times :)

 Happy 4th!!!

 On our way to the Kennedy's for a BBQ, we stopped for Jackson and Josh to have a caching adventure in order to find a cache Josh had had his eye on.  We've learned that if you pay attention, you get to know some of the cachers by their super awesome hides and/or their skills at finding.  We have really enjoyed one cacher's hides as they are clever and family friendly.  Many of the caches hidden by this family include a story about the family dog, Roo.  Jackson and Josh have actually met Roo!  This was one of those caches, and we had to follow a map and story hints to follow in Roo's pawprints as he ran along the path and across the creek to a cave.  The adventure required crossing a rather raging creek...

Beginning the crossing
 Daddy testing how deep the water was before they stepped forward

 I loved watching this because it made Jackson look so little!

 In they go...

Thumbs up after the explored the cave and found the cache!

Starting back across...
My two JASes

 This one kept me company and himself busy by throwing rocks and sticks into the creek :)
 The "after" picture!  My mama heart was mostly calm, but it is surely happy as Jackson gets to make such special memories with Josh :)
It started POURING just as we approached our car  :(  The pool and other water activities never recovered at the party, but we were able to move outside for eating and playing!

Graham was in heaven with this sandbox full of trucks!
  Jackson and Graham both ate like they hadn't seen food in weeks!  I'm pretty sure they each downed a hamburger AND a hotdog and plenty of fruit and cookies :)

We left the BBQ to head back to our neck of the woods to watch the fireworks put off by Montclair, a neighborhood close to our street.  This has become the perfect 4th of July tradition as the fireworks show is pretty spectacular, we get to watch with friends, and the commute is non-existent!  
My light up gizmos were a huge hit :)

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