Friday, July 24, 2015

Summer Fun

During most of the summer, I am hard core and wake up before sunrise to get in a run before Josh leaves for work/the boys wake up.  As much of a struggle as it is to get out of bed, I always enjoy being out early and accomplishing one thing first thing in the morning!  But, I tried out something new, and it was a hit!  Jackson rode his bike while I ran pushing Graham in the stroller.  
Jackson LOVED being my work-out buddy, and it certainly was a great distraction for me!
My goal was to do something special with Jackson every week during the summer, but we were busy doing other fun things, so that didn't quite work out...  But, we did manage to sneak out and see "Inside Out" in the movie theater :)  
Kids music time at Stonebridge with friends!!!  We met Lucy and Alex to listen to some music and eat some snacks :)
The boys LOVE the horse statues outside of P.F. Chang's!
Love a deal at Sweet Frog: all you can fill in a cup for $3!  This may or may not have been ice cream for dinner... ;)

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