Monday, July 6, 2015

Great Falls!

We had a plan, and we were not to be deterred!  The rain was finished, but the ground was MUDDY!  We set off for Difficult Run with great ambition to snag a cache Josh had on his list, and even after several groups of hikers in front of us turned around because it was just "too muddy," we hiked on!
We were rewarded with this cool water crossing!
Resting by the cache's hiding spot.
It is so nice having a six-year old hiking with you since he has limitless energy and enjoys scampering up another hill to search for the cache, so the rest of us could rest ;)  The look on his face says he doesn't mind :)
This was a Letterbox Cache, so there was a stamp inside!
Graham looks slightly unsure of this stamp because he was not enjoying the mud :(  
Putting the cache back right where we found it.  It makes me so proud of our little family when we tackle projects like this that are just the right amount of challenge for each of us, but we get so find something/see cool things at the end/along the way :)

We were very close to Great Falls Park, so we decided to head there next for some hiking and a picnic.
Graham and Jackson were ready for the sunny day it turned into!
The kayak is named after Jackson!
Jackson sitting in the Jackson!
Great Falls!  I can't believe we have never been here!  It was breathtakingly beautiful!
My people :)

These two...
After we hit all of the scenic overlooks, we took a hike to climb on some big rocks and collect a few geocaches.
Some of the caches had questions to answer, or specific pictures to this one of giant caverns in the sides of the rocks.
I have no idea what this pose is, but the photo was requested, so I'm including it!  After our hike, which was fun for all of us, especially the boys with climbing all over the rocks, we ate our picnic lunch and checked out the lookouts again and visited the visitor center briefly.  Josh and I have a thing for waterfalls, so this spot was right up our alley.  We definitely want to go back, but we will make it our first stop of the day next time to get ahead of the crowds ;)

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