Monday, July 13, 2015

Roosevelt Island

We have already done SO many fun things around here this summer, including two brand-new things to all of us!  Great Falls a couple weeks ago, and walking around Theodore Roosevelt Island yesterday!  We've always seen it on the map and had it on our bucket list, but having never been there to know what to expect, that makes it hard to plan with kids and actually GO!  Well, we decided to go, and we invited the Carrillos, and they wanted to go too!
We were a little early, so we hung out by the water.
Ready to walk across the pedestrian bridge!
We spent a lot of time on the bridge, actually.  There were lots of airplanes to watch and boaters to wave to!

It was fun to watch the boaters go under the bridge one way, and then run to the other side of the bridge to watch them come out the other end.  Most of them were very friendly and waved back to the boys :)
They had a GREAT time!
We don't get together as much as we'd like, but these three are such fun friends!
Photo shoot fun on a big rock
We walked all the way around the island, and there was lots to see!  There were some bridges to cross, lots of signs to read to explain the difference in some vegetation, and just peaceful scenery.  

The long walk around the island leads to the actual monument with this statue of Teddy Roosevelt.  This statue is in a huge area with lots of stairs and benches and water features that weren't turned on.  The kids loved it, and they loved all of the room to run around! 

 You can also just walk across the pedestrian bridge and go the other way to walk a shorter route right to the monument.

The Smiths and the Carrillos!  
Playing with the stroller is always fun!
After getting back to the cars, we went and got some yummy dinner before saying goodbye to our friends!

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