Monday, July 20, 2015

A Weekend in Staunton

A cool painting on the wall outside of the restaurant where we met for dinner!
We headed to Staunton for the weekend!  Our visit started off with dinner with Aunt Murph and Uncle Larry at an awesome restaurant that included a grassy outdoor eating area with picnic tables.  It was perfect for these two monkey who had been in the car for a while!  And, Aunt Murph brought some presents to help with the entertainment :)
Ice cream at The Split Banana to continue the fun!
Aunt Murph and Uncle Larry were good sports, and we all enjoyed a walk around downtown Staunton (and some extra nooks and crannies) to find several geocaches.  It was a really nice night!
With Uncle Larry
Our little family :)
Family photo by a train car we encountered while caching
Way up high over Staunton!
These boys kept up on our adventure!  They had already had a long day, it was past bedtime, and it was hot.  But, it was such a fun way to wander around town!

I feel like I'm missing some of my pictures, because Saturday is not documented at all!  We spent the morning at Gramma J's before going back to the Smurphs for a delicious dinner to celebrate Aunt Jeannie's birthday!  As always, the food was yummy, and it was so nice to spend time together!
These two LOVE Yoki!  
Uncle Larry and Daddy took off for golfing, so Aunt Murph and I took the boys to Gypsy Hill Park to feed the ducks and play at the playground.
Graham loved watching the ducks follow the food!
I'm glad he's not actually this tall...yet!!!
I just love this boy!
Aunt Murph playing on the equipment with Jackson
This seriously is the most amazing park!  There is also a really NICE exercise area with functioning equipment!
The boys had to try it all out
While Grahammers napped off the morning, Jackson got to play one of Yoki's favorite games and turn on the hose!

After Daddy returned home and Graham was up from his nap, we packed up for out last stop: Charlottesville!!!  We met some good friends there, Andy and Charron, and we wandered around grounds finding some caches.  Andy even found his first one ever!

This was a back

Our beautiful Rotunda under construction!

Listening to the recording at Edgar Allen Poe's room 

Our adventurers...!

We spied this backyard while we wandering around hunting for geocaches--so welcoming and peaceful!

Just hanging around Grounds... ;)
Josh showed the boys one of the classrooms!  This is where his astronomy class met his fourth year.  We always have such a good time when we go back to visit Charlottesville :)  We made our way over to The Corner for a little shopping at Mincers (Graham needed an upgraded t-shirt and Josh wanted a shirt celebrating the baseball teams amazing season) and dinner at Mellow Mushroom--so yummy!  

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